The rope braiding machine lives!  This is a reverse engineered design based on a factory floor 8 bobbin rope braider from the 1890's.  I designed it to be almost entirly CNC laser cut from .118 acrylic and using all off the shelf parts from mcmaster.  It uses standard bobbins for sewing.  It has 16 bobbins and has the ability to braid around a core.  I have been experimenting with some exotics such as carbon fiber yarns (rocket fusalage) embroidery thread for great braclets, surgical tube core with nylon shieth for presure tubing, and yes para-cord nylon. 

The kit was launched on Kickstarter. This kit is similar to the earlier kits we have designed: The Jiggernaut bicycle frame jig and Interlachen DIY outdoor gear.  Empowering people to build their own stuff is what I am going to be doing for a while so stay tuned for some more diy projects (next up sailing equipment).

The Rope-O'Matic is availabe for sale at our store

If you are interested in this project please contact me: